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Connect Your Kids With Grandpa

During the holidays seasons, it is often one of the best times of the year to foster stronger connections with relatives and friends. We usually find solace in the relationships that we build with others, and there is usually no better time than to come together no matter what holiday it is that you’re celebrating. Studies have shown that as humans, we truly do need social connections with others, as it helps to improve health and provides a way to grow, learn and connect generations. This is especially a great opportunity during the holidays when it comes to bringing your children closer to their grandparents.

One of the neatest aspects of learning about each age group, is that each has something unique to offer. Today’s children are far more versed in technology and the latest trends then the majority of grandparents, and it offers your children an opportunity to show off their latest gifts during the holidays, or explain how an app on the phone works. Reverse the roles, and grandparents have a lifetime of wisdom to offer, as well as insight into a child’s upcoming experiences in life. Both sides offer some sort of benefit to the other, which isn’t necessarily the main point or focus, but merely an added bonus!

So let’s look at a few ways to help both generations connect to each other:

Learn About New Technology

Technology is ever-changing, and some of the most exciting and useful inventions are allowing us to communicate more than ever. FaceTime, Skype and other tools allow us to communicate instantly and face-to-face; these are some great tools to utilize, especially if you grandchildren live far from their grandparents. Take some time to learn how they work, and start arranging times to speaking with each other over these apps. It will provide a great opportunity to connect before eventually coming together in person for the holidays! In addition, perhaps sharing your children’s exciting new toys, such as one of the new Virtual Reality systems, will provide laughs and entertainment throughout the season.

Help Initiate Conversations

Try and be a kick starter to a conversation that could lead down an interesting path and provide both humorous and entertaining insights. For example, try to talk about an interesting story that happened to you as a child, and let your parents lead the conversation. Encourage your children in asking questions and watch the dynamics of the conversation unfold as their grandparents explain what exactly happened. There are numerous avenues to take when it comes to these types of conversations, and it can be rewarding to see how both the young and old can bond during these moments.

Create Fun Memories

If there are any lingering problems amongst relatives, such as a recent fight, or even something as severe as the recent death of a loved one, it may be a great idea to create fun and exciting memories to make together. As a child, it can be difficult dealing with the emotions of others, and experiencing difficult situations can sometimes shape the way they can think in a negative way. By the same token, seniors and grandparents can also experience depression, anxiety and fear just as much as any other age group. Take the opportunity to create healthy and fun memories by planning activities, teaming up one of your children with one of the grandparents for games, and discussing what they’ve been thankful for during the past year. Every different holiday has the opportunity to plan unique engagements, no matter what it is.

Always give a thought towards helping to improve the mental health and well-being of those in your family, and initiating a stronger relationship between your children and their grandparents.

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