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Elderly Abuse Awareness

Elder Abuse Awareness Day in June

Elder Abuse Awareness Day in June As large populations around the world continue to age, countries will undoubtedly see...

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

May – Mental Health Awareness Month 2017

Mental Health Awareness Month 2017 Since the year 1949, many have observed the month of May as Mental Health...

power of conversation

Mental Health Healing Through Conversation

Mental Health Healing What is the one thing that binds all human beings together, and can be arguably one...

Chemical Dependencies

Adolescents With Chemical Dependencies

Adolescents Struggling With Chemical Dependencies Chemical dependencies can exist anywhere. For every two adolescents within the United States, one...

Mental Illness All ages

How Group Therapy Helps with Mental Illness in All ages

Human beings are purely social creatures.  The ways of humanity over the millennia have revolved around human contact, the...


What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Adults with mental health issues generally have a difficult time trying to put aside time or making the commitment...


Connect Your Kids With Grandpa

During the holidays seasons, it is often one of the best times of the year to foster stronger connections...


Facing Alzheimers

One of the more significant challenges that we face is the continued growth of Alzheimer’s Disease. It is essentially...


Overcoming the Holiday Blues

Thanksgiving will be here soon, as will be several other widely-celebrated holidays such as Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s;...


Tips for Managing School Stress

School can be an extremely stressful time for students – whether one is in middle school, high school, or...

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